Thank Bea Arthur’s Panties You Live in a World Shaped by Judeo-Christian Values


Contrary to sentimental notions, good, justice and righteousness are not the default settings of the human heart. If you don’t believe me just take a deep dive into your own heart and tell me what you see. No, I’m not talking about how you would state that you are a good person who tries to do the right thing. Never mind that “good” and “right thing” are likely shaped by Judeo-Christian values, but I’m talking more about the part of our hearts that we don’t tell people about. The anger, malice, lust, envy and selfishness that is always brewing just under the surface. Ponder as a child who taught you how to lie or envy? In every instance of human history where either wealth or cultural norms allowed humans to unleash every passion of the heart it pretty much turned into a day at Harvey Weinstein’s office. Debauchery, sexual perversion and wickedness towards their fellow man. That large swaths of the world, particularly in the west, have allowed their values to be shaped by Judeo-Christian thought is a blessing to civilization. The modern world can malign it all they want, but to destroy it would be to unleash the Kraken of the human heart. That’s bad people. Terrible, just the worst.

The Dirty Dirty Terrorist

Now, I will confess that I am a Christian so you might take this read as biased and slanted. To those people I will say yes, I am indeed biased to the creator who took my own wicked heart and made it clean through no merit of my own. Oh, there is still wickedness in my heart for sure on this side of heaven but that God looks at it as clean through the grace of Jesus has indeed made me biased. I don’t tell people about Jesus like I’m some genius that figured it out. Rather, it’s more like one human beggar telling another beggar where the food is at. But let’s talk Radical Islamic Terrorism.

Recently, a family who was held in captivity by the Haqqani network in Pakistan for 5 years was finally released. The man, his wife, and 3 young children were no doubt elated to taste freedom once again. The only problem is that it should have been 4 young children. You see, the terrorist executed the man’s infant daughter. In addition, the terrorist raped his wife repeatedly during their captivity. Why, because their human hearts are wicked. Americans were mortified at the wickedness of one of our own in Las Vegas while human hearts in other parts of the world applauded it. Fascinating.

I’ve always scoffed at the notion that American policy somehow creates terrorist. Granted, I think American policy can certainly create enemies but what exact part of American policy creates men who would kill a baby girl? Which words of our President is it that causes Islamic terrorists to rape women in captivity and sell young girls into sexual slavery? One could make the case that Islam itself doesn’t offer the proper restraint on the human hearts as it is inescapable there are texts one could use to justify it. Yes, there are texts in the Bible one could use to justify violence as well but more on that in a minute. Because the problem my friends is the human heart and it is not naturally bent towards morality. Be thankful you live in a world shaped by Judeo-Christian values as that has been God’s common grace to us all.

Nasty Nasty Hollywood

Listen up Hollywood cause ya’ll are just nasty. I mean plain old nasty. And yet, you too represent the wicked part of the human heart that rests within us all. When the whole Harvey Weinstein scandal broke this past week I honestly was not surprised in the least. People have been writing about this stuff for decades. Corey Feldman talked about how he and the other corey were basically passed around as teens like sex toys. Celebrated director Roman Polanski is glorified in Hollywood despite the fact that the dude raped a little girl. In fact, even with Weinstein Hollywood joked about it for years. Here’s a clip from an awards show several years ago and there are many more like it.

The truth is that the wealth and fame of Hollywood has set up a subculture where the desires of the human heart are unleashed. Even while resting in a hemisphere shaped by Judeo-Christian values their wealth and fame makes anything possible. That they are somehow now acting with indignation about what was the norm for decades is fascinating to me. Judeo-Christian values set up norms and guards against the worst parts of the human heart and Hollywood has done nothing but systematically dismantle those. Just listen to this audio of Weinstein in action. Now imagine a land where the victim is forced to marry the rapist or worse punished for having the audacity to get raped.

Grace Versus Common Grace

That any human could have all the sin in their heart purchased and paid for by the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is nothing short of individual grace. Christians actually represent the worst of humanity who are given grace and are now joint heirs with Christ. It’s amazing really. However, not everyone is a Christian and in the United States of America no one has to be. Yet, that humans in America are raised in a society where Judeo-Christian values reign is common grace to us all. It’s not about individual action or a particular sin as many Christians don’t even all agree on those. Libertarian thought only works in a world with non-governmental restraints on the human heart.

Rather, it’s the cultural confidence that your 9 year old daughter is not going to be sold into a forced marriage and raped. It’s the notion that human life has dignity and murdering and infant girl is despicable in any form. It’s the influence that pushes our human hearts to forgo selfishness and give to others. That we stand up for what is right. Oh we are far from perfect my friends, but nowhere in the United States of America would you see a mob stand around and stone a woman for saying something bad about the Bible. Nowhere are we considering putting humans in cages and lighting them on fire. At least only in Hollywood is it the norm that getting raped is your job interview. For that we can thank western civilization and the indisputable influence of Judeo-Christian values.

Ugh, It’s Not About LBGT

To the person who is going to start commenting in thread about LBGT rights and Westboro Baptist church without actually reading this article I say Bea Arthur wants her panties back. I’m sure there is pair in Harvey Weinstein’s closet somewhere. For those curious about the Bea Arthur thing that’s just what I say to people who comment without reading the article. Feel free to use it because this article is not about LBGT issues but I know that’s where it’s going to head. This is America and you can LGBT all you want. It’s about the human heart and its proclivity towards wickedness. I sense it in my own heart and the world experiences its worst where Judeo-Christian values were not present to restrain it. Ancient Rome sensed that restraint and sought to eliminate it. As it’s often said, the heart wants what he heart wants and that’s rarely righteousness and good.

Dismantle it if you want my friends, but get ready for the kracken of humanity. While civilization has advanced, the human heart is the same it was ancient biblical days where Philistines were conducting human child sacrifices, the same as when David looked upon Bathsheeba and lusted, the same during the debauchery of the Roman Empire, the same during the Holocaust and the same today. What common grace we all have, Christian or non-Christian, to live in a world dominated by the common grace of Judeo Christian values. Remember, to tell all the LBGT commenters that Bea Arthur wants her panties back. This is America and you have the right to LBGT all you want, but this is Unprecedented Mediocrity and you pay the price for commenting without reading.

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Jeff Edwards



  2. Well Said, I am always curious which way your mind is going to wander when one of these pop up in my inbox, sometimes I agree sometimes I do not, but you are on point with this one….

  3. So very well said! You point to the root of the problem rather then tying yourself in knots about the symptoms! Very well written!

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