Does the Race of a Cop Killer Matter?

chicago police shooting

I must admit that with close family and friends in the Law Enforcement Community the recent spate of officers who have fallen in the line of duty is disturbing to me at a very personal level.   However, what I find equally disturbing is an American public waiting to see if their preconceived narrative on why it happened will be satisfied.  Sadly, it seems there is an almost perverse hope among many that it does.  If the killer turns out to be an illegal immigrant then one narrative gets satisfied for alas, this is evidence of our border security problem.  If the killer turns out to be black, then much of America will decry the current Black Lives Matter movement as stoking the flames of hate towards police.  If the killer turns out to be a white gun toting sovereign citizen, then they might get labeled a domestic terrorist as anti-government sentiment is to blame.  And yet, if they are Muslim we will rally the call to Crusade against them all.  Then of course it is really Obama’s fault and Michael Jackson shows up to eat popcorn.  But does it really matter?  Surely someone will just try to answer that question without actually reading the article, but if so, my readers have permission to give him the Bea Arthur treatment.  The rest of you can follow their lead because we are going to make this a real thing, I promise.

The Human Condition

In an interview, Retired Marine General James Mattis revealed that he carries with him the readings of Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius.  Upon being pressed for a reason, General Mattis went on to explain that it reminds him that what he faces on the battlefield is nothing new.  He went on further to explain that while technology has changed, Alexander the Great wouldn’t be the least bit perplexed by what he saw on the modern battlefield.  And so I believe it is with the rest of the human world as the heart of our species has changed very little over the centuries.  For while we put on the garments of modern society, this human condition is terminal and our heart and soul has yet to evolve into something different than what we have faced since the days when Cain first told Abel, “Come at me bro.”

When the news broke about the Ashley Madison hacking scandal and millions of men were caught in the act of infidelity, Jewish King David looked up from his night with Bathsheba and said, “Oi, you mean there was a website for this?”  As ISIS rampages across the Middle East committing atrocity after atrocity, Hitler takes a break from having a pineapple shoved up his butt in Hades to chide them for being such amateurs.  As violent protest have rocked multiple American cities this past year, Rodney King and the L.A. riots called to say how cute it was that we burned down a Little Ceasar’s Pizza.  Then the 1960’s called us both to say, “Child Please.”

Police lives matter.

There is no evil we face today that mankind has not already faced for centuries or millennia.  Lust, malice, deceit, hate, and murder are all outflows of the human condition and certainly not unique to our day.  And make no mistake, America has always had to fight against it all for the existence of our American experiment and it has never been easy.  While we lament today the idea that Americans are killing each other, the 500,000 plus dead in the American Civil War would like in on this conversation.  Because that which we face today is not new, it is just our turn.

We Write the Narrative

This is not written to make light of the LEO deaths that have taken place as one in Memphis was even a Marine with whom I served.  Rather, it is meant to encourage you that we have been here before and serve as a call to arms with both literal and figurative elements.  Yes, there are people targeting LEO, Military, Veterans, and then I am sure just good old fashioned bath salt  zombies that want to eat our faces.  So literally, stay vigilant, armed, and aware.  But figuratively, this is a call to arms for the silent majority of Americans to start taking back the narrative from the fools.  For if we continue to allow them to set the terms of discourse in this nation, then they will make fools of us as well.  I literally get along with people from every race and yet, if I were to listen to the “trends” on social media we are apparently supposed to be angry with one another.  Sorry, we can’t hang out today friend, the internet told me you want to kill me.

Police lives matter

One foolish invalid can set the internet on fire by wiping her nasty crack with the flag and yet somehow we allow her to set the tone for racial debates in America.  But everyone gets angry and tries to, “make her famous“ as the kids say on the interwebz these days.  To which I reply, no, don’t make her famous at all. In fact, please stop it.   Ladies and gentlemen, we have all produced some fantastically amazing turds in our lifetime, but society is advanced very little when we pull others into the bathroom to check it out.  People who use social media to fuel their fanaticism motived by race, religion, or Jade Helm are turds. When we discover them, we just need to flush them so they can hang out with their fellow turds and talk about foolish turd stuff together.  Meanwhile, the rest of the sane 300 million Americans will keep on as we always have, fighting for the future of this nation. I’m not sure at one point we became the generation that thought it was supposed to be easy, but the reality is proving otherwise.  So why don’t those of us with brains start writing a narrative that at least makes it more palatable and civil instead of letting the turds win.

Does it Matter?

So finally to the question of the day.  Does the race of a cop killer matter?  Do you find yourself with some perverse eager anticipation as to what the race of the criminal might be when you see a heinous crime like this?  Because again, I am saddened to an extreme degree over the law enforcement deaths we have suffered this year, but I am disheartened when it seems it matters more to us which narrative will be satisfied than the tragedy that has befallen one of our warriors in blue. Do you notice how I wrote this entire article and barely mentioned race at all?  It is not that I am naive, but that I understand words are powerful.  And consider what a small tweak might do to change the narrative.

Police Shootings

What would happen if intelligent America began to set the narrative and flush the turds?  What would happen if people tried to “make me famous” instead of a nasty lady with poor hygiene and poop on her hands?  The cops of different races you see above probably don’t agree on every topic to include race. But it is a testament to what is possible when we don’t allow others to set the narrative for us.  Does the race of a cop killer matter?  My answer, it does if you want it to.  As for me, I’ll go ahead and encourage my brothers in LEO to stay vigilant while I use my platform to set a more neutral narrative.  The American public creates the narrative in which our LEO community must serve and we can make it harder for them or easier with our own rhetoric.  To the LEO community, I don’t care whether it is a person of race, religion, sovereign citizen, or even alien species, if that alien comes your way looking for your life to satisfy their perverted cause, then you put one right between his little antennae eyes.  America will endure this season as we have all others because people like you lead the way.  So stay alive to tell your children about it.  And for those that didn’t make it this far in the article, remember America, Bea Arthur wants her panties back.

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Jeff Edwards


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