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In July of 2014, Unprecedented Mediocrity was born and absurdity finally found a home.  What started off as mere fun took off to reach over 1 million reads in just over a year and full-time career of writing.  This blog was created with the purpose of eliciting the support and following of dozens of people.  That’s it really, maybe a few dozen but what ensued was a community of thousands who like honest debate mixed with a little humor.  Together we will tackle all the great topics of our day.

One of the greatest compliments one can pay me on this blog is to say they loved my article but disagreed with everything I said.  You see, your thought is as valuable as mine and I merely write so as to serve as a springboard for your own.  I’m not telling you what to think, rather, I am just telling you where I am at on the matter and trust you to take it from there. The name Unprecedented Mediocrity reflects the notion that there is unprecedented joy in simply being rather than chasing the arbitrary standard someone likely just made up.

The name Unprecedented Mediocrity reflects the notion that there is unprecedented joy in simply being rather than chasing the arbitrary standard someone likely just made up. And if it is all made up anyway, why not create your own reality and make it work.  I am US Marine Veteran of Iraq, former non-profit manager, and family man who now writes for a living.

If you have a business or brand that you feel could use powerful words to inform, entertain, or sell, I pretty much write it all and you can hit me up at jeff@unprecedentedmediocrity.  Sorry, I don’t write for free anymore as I’ve paid my dues and it turns out my kids like eating every day and not just some.  I actually do a lot of ghostwriting under other’s names as well and chances are, you  have read something I wrote and didn’t know it.

If you are interested in advertising on this blog, I can send you some analytics and traffic data.  I have refused to allow this site to become one inundated with ads that make it hard to read, so I’ll never have more than 3 or 4 at a time.  My audience is very targeted and you can get a sense for what sells here and what doesn’t.  So if you want to reach between 40,000 to 100,000 awesome people every month, this is the place.

So that’s me, and I welcome you here.  Follow me on Facebook by liking the page or twitter @jeffed0311, but the best way to ensure you never miss an article is to sign up for email notifications above. I don’t sell email lists or send out spam.  You just get a snippet of my latest article and nothing more. If you read this far, pick a medium to follow me and see what the future has in store.  A future without precedent awaits us all.

Semper Fi





  1. Im an old Jarhead too..I like your style. If I read this right, you question authority? That’s not bad a thing..I question people..who don’t question authority.. Semper Fi!

  2. Jeff, I love your blog and read every one. I enjoy your perspective and humor. But, and you knew that was coming, please, please, please get a quality editor. While I can wade through the grammar issues and misspellings, it detracts from the joy I get reading your posts. Regardless of what you choose to do with my perspective, I will continue to read everything you write. And all this love coming from an Army guy. Semper Fi!

  3. Jeff, I’m USN(RET) and in response to para. 2 above I enjoy your blog but, true, I don’t agree with everything you say. One exception…I agree with your opinion that GEN Mattis should be POTUS. I was once stationed on an USAF base and my fellow squids (I can use that term after 30 years of ACDU) and I used to poke fun at the 75th Special Feelings Squadron until I realized that the Navy had become in many ways the most PC of all. It was a pleasure to listen to the interview from your entry: http://www.unprecedentedmediocrity.com/if-megyn-kelly-is-a-bimbo-then-general-james-mattis-can-be-president/, Perhaps one day we will return to the days of mutual respect but no BS. I suppose a regularly inebriated old man can dream. In the mean time keep up the good work Shipmate.

    Standing by and thanks.


    • Thanks for reaching out Jim. Glad to have Vets of all eras and walks of life sharing their stories here. And yes, and old man can always dream.

  4. I love your site. You pull no punches. I just wish when I was that angry teenager I had chosen to go Marines rather than go to college. I know I would have become a better person.

  5. Enjoyed the hell out of your article about C.A.R. and appreciate your service as a “grunt” and say that with the highest respect. Nothing more hard core than 0311! I was in an artillery unit in Nam, 1/13, and considered it an honor to support 26th Marines when they stepped into a bad situation by responding with some one-0-freaking-five fire power and help to ruin CHARLIE’S day! A bad day for VC is a good day for Devil Dogs!

    Semper Fi,


  6. Edwards,

    We served in the same Bn and were in the same firefight one night. I need to ask you a serious question about a topic you may be interested in writing about. Could you email me?

    Joe Fernandez; L 3/23 Marines

  7. Please contact me with regard to advertising and guest blogging on our website. I found you via Upworks and have invited you to a few jobs there as well.

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